Dave Lowell


School-bots now available! Written up in Seacoast, a southern Maine newspaper, Dave’s futuristic tale has a timely theme: school bullying. It is available from Amazon.com.
    The ebook version, at $2.99, can be ordered at THIS link.
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A lifelong resident of Maine, Dave got his start writing articles and reviews for the official fan club publication, Castle Rock, now defunct, which was published by Stephanie Leonard, who at the time was King’s main secretary. (She is also one of his sisters-in-law.)

Dave subsequently contributed an article to an anthology of non-fiction about Stephen King, Demon-Driven: Stephen King and the Art of Writing, published by GB Books. Dave also contributed to Stephen King Collectibles, with an article about collecting autographs and photos of collectibles from his archives.

He is currently working on several new novels, tapping the vein--so to speak--with horror and suspense fiction.

He lives in York, Maine.